martes, octubre 17, 2006

Angry, sad, frustrated, left out, that is how I feel today, and the bad part of all this, is that NOTHING is going right today......I woke up feeling fine, everything seem to be going just in a good way, and then suddenly everything turned so dark....And is only stupid little things, but they escalate to a point where I just want to shout why me!!!!
Is one of those days when not even making coffee is right, you spilled it on your clothes, you get angry at family, at friends, the computer mouse doesn't work right, you are late with some bills, the air feels heavy heavy, your chest with an enormous amount of pressure, the muscles on your back so tense, and the only thing you can say is why me....
Hey, but I guess tomorrow will be another day, and just maybe, I will have a better day.
I tried to be positive, some people might not think that way about me but I am who I am, I give it all, I give the best of me, and when something doesn't go right, I get sad, then I get angry.
perfectionist? A lot of people say that
Short temper one?
Yes, I admit it, but I am also a loving person, ready to show how much I love, and sometimes I feel I give so much and get so little, and I am not expecting anything! Just a little understanding, and yet I still say.......Why me.

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